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Ereignisse und Veranstaltungen in Salvador

in den nächsten 12 Monaten
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Regular events: public holidays, religious events, big happenings

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  Some remarks:
A lot of events whithout a fixed dated are announced on short term notice. We try to keep the list up-to-date as soon as possible. Some of the events are already indicated, but their exact date is not known, yet.


01. Conzert  of Daniela Mercury, 18:00 h At the lighthouse of Barra, 5 minutes walk from here.
01. Bom Jesus dos Navegantes (The Lord Good Jesus of the Mariners Festival)
Hundreds of vessels of all types sail through the bay carrying the image of Good Jesus from Conceição da Praia church to the Chapel at Boa Viagem, a beautiful procession of faith.
03.-06. Festas de Reis (The Three Kings  or Lapinha Feast) An extension of the Christmas celebrations and represent the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child.  Location: Largo da Lapinha, against the backdrop of All Saints' Bay. Stands known as barracas are set up to sell beverages and local fare to the many participants. On the night of January the 5th, the eve of the Epiphany on the 6th, singing groups called Ternos de Reis perform traditional Portuguese songs dressed in period costumes. The faithful remember, in song and dance, the Three Kings' visit to the baby Jesus.
06.-15. Festa de Santo Amaro In Santo Amaro, not far away from Salvador
? João das Botas Sailboat Regatta  
? Saint Antônio de Categeró Feast in Santo Antônio
11. Senhor do Bonfim Feast 2nd Thursday in January. The saint with the largest following in Bahia, Senhor do Bonfim or Lord of the Good End - associated with the Candomblé.
Nearly 800,000 people dressed in white accompany traditional "Baianas" wearing typical multi-layered white-lace petticoats and turbans. The multitudes parade through the Lower City from Conceição da Praia to Bonfim church.
? Ribeira Feast Near Bonfim, the Monday after the Ribeira Feast, at the beach of Ribeira.
? Saint Lázaro Feast  
24.-02. Our Lady of Purification Feast In Santo Amaro
? Farolfolia In Boca do Rio. A weekend of Pre-Carnival.


2. Iemanjá (Iemanjá Feast) In Rio Vermelho, initiates of Candomblé pay homage to the Goddess of the Sea,  represented symbolically as a mermaid.


Lavagem da Igreja de Itapuã (Washing of Itapuã Church Feast) Symbolic washing of the church of Itapuã.


Carnival Festival
According to the Guinness Book of records the biggest street festival in the world. It begins on Carnaval Thursday and finishing early in the morning on Ash Wednesday. About 2,5 million people stay in the streets for one week.
The best location is considered to be Barra.


29. The Founding of City of Salvador With a parade in the city center and some more formal happenings.


? Caxixis Pottery Fair In Nazaré das Farinhas
? Good Friday Procession  
21. Tiradentes Public holiday honoring a revolucionary


1. 1st of May Public holiday
? Corpus Christi Public Holiday
? Festival de Música Instrumental da Bahia A music festival at the "Theatro Castro Alvis", lasting about a week, presenting fantastic intrumental music of Bahian musiciants, some internationally known.


? Santo Antônio (Saint Antônio Feast Day)
In Santo Antônio, near Pelourinho. In Bahia, it is June not May that is known as the "merry month" particularly for São João Originating in pre-Christian Europe to honour the harvest and fertility.
12. Dia dos Namorados (similar Valentins Day) Everybody goes out.
? Festival de Musica Instrumental da Bahia Every night during one week in June music happenings in the Theatre Castro Alves TCA at the Campo Grande. R$ 10,00 entrance fee. Worth seeing.
22.-24. São João (Saint John Feast Day) The São João Festival is commemorated throughout the state with bonfires, fireworks, Forró music and square dancing as well as copious amounts of liquors and local delicacies.It is the most popular event in Bahia next to the Carnival. Forró is the typical music at this time of the year, that starts already in May.
Location in Salvador: Pelourinho
29. São Pedro (Saint Peter Feast Day) São Pedro is not celebrated much in Salvador, only in some interior towns. Nevertheless, A lot of people go to Pelourinho to dance and to have a good time.


2. Independence Day of Bahia
Festival celebrating the independance of Bahia in 1823.
A lot of happenings in Lapinha (near Pelourinho), Pelourinho e Campo Grande, starting in the morning and finishing in the afternoon.

? The Salvador Marathon During the morning hours at one of the sundays in August.
? Nossa Senhora da Boa Morte (Our Lady of Good Death Feast)

The 1st Friday before the 15th of August

The festival has as main objective to thank her "for liberty granted". This celebration has been held for more than a century in the city of Cachoeira, located in the area surrounding All Saints' Bay.


7. Independance Day of Brazil Public holiday with some parades
? Parada de Gay (gay parade) Starts at the Campo Grande. 2nd Sunday of the month. It´s good fun.


12. Nossa Senhora Aparecida  


2. All Souls Day Public holiday
? Dia da Baiana  
15. Dia da Proclamação  


2. Dia do Samba (day of the Samba) Interesting music happenings with Samba music, most of them in the historical Pelourinho
04.-06. Festa de Santa Barbara (Saint Bárbara Feast Day)
Dedicated not to the saint but to the goddess Iansã. In an example of Bahian syncretism, the patron saint of both the fire brigade and of the markets, St Barbara, is known in the Candomblé religion as the queen of thunder and lightning. The celebrations start at the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, in Pelourinho, and ends in the Baixa dos Sapateiros, where St Barbara's market is located.
8. Festa de Nossa Senhora da Conceição  
24.-25. Christmas Many happenings in Pelourinho


New Year´s Eve

Conzert  of Daniela Mercury, 18:00 h

The best show and the largest fire works happen in Barra, a 5 minutes walk from here.

At the lighthouse of Barra, 5 minutes walk from here.


Some indications of regular popular events and night spots that might not be found in travel guides

Concha Acústica Open concert hall with faboulos shows of famous Brazilian, sometimes international groups.
Location: Near the Theatro Castro Alves, Campó Grande
Start: around 20:00h until late
ICBA (German Goethe Indtitute) Meanwhile a lot of music presentations at night in the coffee shop.
Location: Corredor da Vitória, near Campo Grande
> Every Friday Jazz
> Every Saturday 14:00h until 22:00 Feira Livre, interesting little happening with a small handicraft market, music and show. Very spontanic. Interesting people.
various days
Pimentinha Monday night hangout in some simple bars and on the street, type street party.
Location: Boca do Rio, after the Aeroclube
Starts: about 22:00h until late
Fashion Club Night club, disco
Location: Pituba
Satellite Bar Night bar, disco
Location: Patamaris, between Pituba and Itapoã
-  Largo Quincas Berro D´Agua
-  Largo Pedro Arcanjo
-  Largo Thereza Batista
-  Largo do Pelourinho
-  Terreiro de Jesus
Some locations with life music, normally free entrance.Largo Thereza batista normally charges entrance.
Every Thuesday: OLODUM, Brazil´s most famous drummers group.
Location: Pelourinho
every day
minus Monday
Igreja Santíssimo
   Sacramento do Passo
Life music by the local musician Geronimo playing Bahian tunes. Free entrance, lots of people, start about 19:00h
Location: behind the church at the Ladeira do Carmo.
Groove Bar New disco and bar in Barra Wednesday until Saturday
Jardim Brasil Area in Barra with a bars and some nightlife near the VillaVerde. every day
minus Monday
Off Club Gay and lesbian night club. Its good fun for everybody after midnight.
The area around the Off Club is a godd hang out at night.
Location: Barra, near the lighthouse
Friday, Saturday
Barraca do Jovenal Simple, popular beach bar on the beach of Itapuã. Life music until after sunset. A funny place.
Location: Itapoã, Rua K
Praça da Cira Simple, popular recreation area in Itapoã. Crowded during the weekend.
Location: Itapoã
Largo do Santana Popular daily meeting point. Simple but good. Some good Restaurants and bars.
Location: Rio Vermelho
daily in the evening
Burracharia Relative unknown but funny night bar. A small tire vulcanisation shop is terned into this bar. Starts late.
Location: Rio Vermelho
Start: after midnight


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